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Selective Heat-treating

Selective Heat-Treating Image 1

MSI has requests to selectively harden areas of a metal part without affecting the properties of the part as a whole.

MSI is able to do combinations of heat-treating procedures. We have some customers who want us to heat-treat their product all over, and either draw back, or increase the hardness of certain areas of the product, (the blades of hand knives, tips, or edges of cutting tools, drawn journals on rolls, drawn shanks on shank type tools, etc.) This is called selective heat-treating.

Selective Heat-Treating Image 2

Shown here are two examples of this selective processing.

The top photo shows a small part that was hardened overall in salt baths and is subsequently being hardened to a higher hardness only on the ends in an induction coil.

The bottom photo shows two large reamers that were hardened overall in salt baths and are later being drawn back to a lower hardness only on one end in a salt bath.