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48” Deep Fluid Bed and Companion Marquench

Fluid Bed Single Bar

Large load and batch processing capabilities are hallmarks of this equipment.

MSIs’ 48” Deep Fluid Bed furnace operates with a fine aluminum oxide grit medium, which efficiently transfers heat to products as large as 18" in diameter.  When filled to capacity for hardening production runs, a companion marquench bath is required to quench the product thoroughly and effectively.

Fluid Bed Single Bar 2

As the hardening temperatures of loads processed in the 48” Fluid Bed run as high as 1900°F, cooling the product quickly is essential.

The companion marquench is located within a few steps to accommodate this timely, carefully controlled transfer.

Fluid Bed Single Bar 3

The marquench contains a solution of nitrite and nitrate salts, which can be supersaturated with water.

This allows the steel to be cooled quickly and thoroughly enough to result in the hardness and strength requirements specified by the customer.

Fluid Bed Single Bar 4

Mission accomplished in 28 seconds!