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Hours of Operation
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Metallurgical Services

MSI is a leader in salt bath heat treatment (1000 to 2300 F) of high speed, tool steels, carbon/low alloy steels, and gray/ductile iron casting using salt, air, or oil quenching. Our capabilities are as follows:

• Air Tempering
• Steam Tempering
• Salt Tempering
• Stress Relieving
• Annealing
• Solution Annealing
• Precipitation Hardening
• Martempering
• Austempering of Steel & Ductile Iron (ADI)
• Cryogenic Deep Freeze
• Crack Detection
• Hardness Testing
• Straightening
• Induction Heating
• Vacuum Furnace Processing
• Consulting Engineering/Failure Analysis
• Non-Destructive Testing
• Carburizing/Direct Quench
• Salt Bath Ferritic Nitrocarburizing (FNC)

Fluidized bed and salt marquench combination (Both 48 " working depth) are for heat treating and quenching alloy and tool steels with minimum distortion. The fluidized bed furnace is used to austenitize, normalize, anneal, age harden, solution anneal, stress relieve, and steam black oxide.

Cryogenic treating of heat-treated tools and components to as low as -320 F.

Selective hardening of knife blades in a salt bath: heat treating the blade only.

Overbend straightening of machine spindle using 20-ton hydraulic press.

Peen straightening of hardened S7 tool steel pneumatic tool driver to improve straightness.

Fluidized bed annealing using nitrogen atmosphere of 1095 steel investment castings.

Induction heating: hardening both ends of machine gun ammunition belt tension lever.

Programmable vacuum furnace heat-treating with nitrogen cool for hardening, annealing, solution treating, and precipitation age hardening.

Carburize case hardening to 0.080 – 0.100" depth, AISI 9310 steel hydraulic pistons, followed by salt bath marquenching to minimize distortion.

Salt bath hardening of M42 HSS cutters, showing preheating, high temperature austenitizing, and quenching steps in the cycle.